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What They Say About Us

  • "Thanks Margarida, you did a great job and I am happy I decided for Portugal in the end!!! Thank you!!!"

    Jan Fincke Executive Producer at Czar
  • “Dedication, passion, professional excellence, RTS has it all.They achieved the impossible!A very well-oiled machine that we would book again – happily, anytime.One of the best crews we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”
    Henrik Pfeiffer Serviceplan Munich | Creative Director
  • “We recently had the pleasure of shooting in Portugal and working with RTS. Set aside any concerns you might have.  We had a great experience and they were an outstanding team from top to bottom.  We will definitely be back to Lisbon, and to them in the near future.”
    John Beveridge Executive Producer/Principal Hoffman Bros
  • I have a special place in my heart for Ready to Shoot Prods. and Margarida. They have always gone the extra mile for me and deliver a first class production each and every time. As professional as they are, they are also very special people and working with them goes beyond filmmaking. They have become family to me and I highly recommend them to anyone headed to that part of the world.

    Max Malkin Director, Prettybird
  • Thank you so much for taking such excellent care of this job and Reed. We were all so happy to be with you and your team, and so impressed with the level of talent and creativity and professionalism each crew member brought to the job. Truly, one of the best production service jobs in my (very long) career!


    Kira Carstensen Executive Producer, Pulse Films
  • Thank you so much for everything Margarida!

    Such a great crew! Hope to be back really soooooon”

    Fleur Fortuné Fleur Fortuné, Director, PrettyBird
  • Something is really happening in Lisbon. Ready to Shoot is delivering some next level shit!

    Justine Madero Justine Madero, Producer, Prettybird
  • “Thanks for this great organisation and such a great & nice crew.

    It was a real pleasure.”

    Frederic Monnet Frederic Monnet, 1st AD, France
  • Thank you so much for looking  after us, it was such a pleasure to shoot with you!

    What a great production team and crew you have there, everyone was so helpful, hard working and just a pleasure to work with.

    Special thanks for organising the weather 😉 Looking forward to coming back already...”  

    Hannah Cooper Hannah Cooper, Producer, PrettyBird, UK
  • “They are incredibly resourceful and masters at the art of problem solving. We shoot all over the world and of all the countries we have shot in, these guys are up there with the best”

    Christine Schulz Christine Schulz, Line Producer, Cobblestone, Hamburg
  • "We have had the pleasure of working with Margarida and her team on numerous projects. She employs some of the nicest people on the planet. They are very accomplished film makers who facilitate the shooting process with the utmost grace and efficiency. We always leave with a smile on our face. Can't wait to come back again!"

    Donnie Masters Chairman, Serious Pictures London
  • thank you so much for everything, for this most wonderful working days which didn't feel like work at all. It's pouring with rain all day in here, but I still feel the Portugese sun on my face as if I had a four weeks off. Still can't believe the friendliness and kindness of the people you've made me work with, not to speak of their professionalism and devotion. Was wonderful seeing you and your people share that 'mental WiFi' which turns work from good to great. And they all know they couldn't have a better boss. I bet.All my very best to you and everyone in the crew - you with that wonderful family all around you. Peter,working on coming back.”

    Peter Spans Peter Spans, Director, Germany
  • “If this is not too personal I would honestly say: The most obliging and powerful female production service crew I’ve ever met”

    Johannes Schmid Producer, Jo!Schmid Filmproduktion GmbH, Berlin
  • "Fast and fabulous!"

    Wolf Stundl Wolf Stundl, Executive Producer, Wunderfilm, Hamburg  
  • 'Why do we love shooting in Lisbon? It is because we feel as we were at home, and that feeling is hard to experience when one works away from his country? Or because of its beautiful features, its people, its good vibe...? Because its delicacies have filled us with joy and thrilled our souls? Undoubtedly, due to the warmth of everything that has surrounded us. But above all, it´s because we have found a family; a relationship we know will remain with us forever. Marga and company... We are eternally grateful! Love, for ever...'

    Baby Director, Rebolucion
  • "The Executive Producer, Margarida Adónis, along with her team, have always a great attitude , always trying to help, they get involve in the project and all the crew that usually work with them are very professional. The film industry in Portugal is as good as any other European country. The equipments  are top of the arts. There are beautiful and unique locations and the weather is fine. Prices are fairly competitive. I would heavily  recommend to anyone who wants  to shoot in Portugal”

    Rocio Ulloa EP Nine to Five, Production Company, Madrid, Spain